Thank you for your interest in FCCMI, a full service property management company. Our concepts and flexibility allows us to tailor our services for a wide range of properties, with thirty years of property management experience to benefit from. We currently manage a wide range of properties in the Las Vegas Valley and Boulder City, such as custom homes, single family homes, condominiums, town homes, and classic condominiums, Aero park, and recreational vehicle parks.

At FCCMI, we endeavor to take away the headaches and hassles of property management from you. In every aspect of our operation, we underscore our commitment to enhance the value of your investment by providing the finest people and friendly service. Great service is not expensive, it's priceless!

Apart from a host of other benefits, one of our main features is our in-house computerized billing system that is timely, reliable and state of the art. We have an excellent financial system designed strictly for Homeowner Associations. Our staff has the technical proficiency and depth of experience to handle all aspects of your property - from legal issues, to accounting requirements to maintenance operations. In a business where attention to detail is everything, our people don't overlook the fine points.

Our hands on management and superior maintenance preserve and ensure your Association is as valuable an asset to the community as it is profitable for its owners and investors. We take that extra step, going beyond just providing 'basic service'; we make a solid commitment to excellence.

The associations we manage aren't just clients to us; they're all special and unique members of the FCCMI family. As your management company, we will be giving you the most for your money, and providing whatever you require, taking that load of work off of your shoulders. That's what all of our 'families' have come to expect from us. Communication is an important aspect of what we do, and we can be reached at (702)365-6720; or many prefer to simply contact us by email at service@fccmi.net.

Costs for services are negotiable and depend on the needs of the Association. Our contracts are inclusive, one monthly price. No extra charges for copies, postage, e-mails, faxes, etc., etc., etc. We understand that one of the greatest monetary investment in a person's lifetime is their investment in their home! We look forward to meeting you, but in the meantime, if you have any further questions, please feel free to call me at (702)365-6720 (or e-mail me). We are always just a phone call away!


Now that you have defined your needs, see how we meet and exceed them. In retaining FCCMI, you will be hiring experienced, professional management which has been involved in the growth of condominium, cooperative and planned unit developments. The decision of what to do and how, depends upon experience, knowledge, and integrity. We have a friendly staff to help in all phases of decision making and the management of your property. We specialize in service.


  • Billing and collection of monthly, quarterly or yearly assessments
  • Monthly report of income and expense
  • Status of Reserve Accounts
  • List of all expenses paid
  • Copies of checks issued
  • List of accounts payable
  • Monthly billing register
  • Accounts receivable (delinquencies)
  • Location and amount of cash on hand
  • Comments on financial status by our Bookkeeping staff if applicable


  • Assistance in budget planning and control
  • Maintain custodial and reserves accounts
  • Payroll preparation, for which Association funds are expended for grounds and maintenance personnel if applicable
  • Assisting the collection company (or attorney) in filing of liens for delinquent assessments
  • Coordinate yearly audit with CPA if required by the Association and Board
  • Assist in getting insurance bids to see all property is protected at the lowest possible premium, and file insurance reports when necessary


  • Support, advise and supplement the activities of the Board concerning Architectural Rules, CC&R's, and By-Laws violations, etc.
  • Agent's representatives are available for telephone consultation during business hours
  • Periodic inspections made by company representative


  • A 24-hour answering service is provided to enable Board members, Homeowners, to contact a company representative in emergencies during nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • Cell phone numbers for emergency services are provided to Board members.


  • Sole business is managing Community Associations.


  • We offer personalized, friendly service - management programs tailored to your Association's desires as well as needs.


  • Very reasonable fees for state of the art services.


  • Help maximize your property values through FCCMI results oriented, and cost-efficient professional management.


  • Trained, experienced property managers. Keep in touch via cell or email!


  • Active management - recommendations made for improvements, cost savings.


  • Comprehensive, very useful informational packages to the Board.


  • Efficient in-house procedures and forms.


  • Review with the Board near and long term maintenance costs and needs (i.e. painting of Common Area, roof repairs and major Common Area repairs, etc.)


  • Excellent record of lowering costs of Association's insurance.


  • Continuity for your Association - Board members change.


  • Help in enforcing Rules and Regulations - Architectural, etc.


  • Coordinate with Board regarding security measures. 


  • Assist the Board in determining which Committees would be most helpful in operating in the community.  Provide "Committee Responsibilities" check list.


  • Company website allows homeowners' to check account histories, recent minutes, financials, and more!
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